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GPSC completes the acquisition of GLOW shares with synergizing in power production capacity to serve energy security.
GPSC Young Social Innovator 2018 rewards to energy - environment projects.
GPSC net profit continued to rise in 2018 with approved dividend payment of Bt.0.80 per share, ready to commission 3 new power plants both domestic and international markets this year
GPSC continues to invest in 250 MW power plant,aiming at growth alongside with PTT Group.
GPSC is to proceed with acquisition of GLOW Upon ERC's green light
GPSC signed SPA to acquire 9 solar plants in Thailand, adding 39.5 MW to its renewable portfolio as planned
GPSC appeals against ERC's decision, ready to address all concerns based on international standards.
GPSC builds check dam at Baan Nernkraprokbon, creating volunteer spirit network to help rebuild the country's ecosystem.
GPSC reports 17% rise of profit in the nine-month period this year, continue with 3 more projects due to start operation in 2019.
GPSC acknowledges ERC's resolution and prepares next moves for domestic and overseas business expansion
GPSC launches GPSC Young Social Innovator 2018, encouraging young generation to compete in energy and environment innovation scholarship.
GPSC insists acquisition of GLOW will not lead to monopoly, vowing fair practices to all customers
GPSC records a new high profit of Bt. 1,052 Million in Q2/2018, expecting 3 new power plants to start COD within 2019 as planned.
Pracharat helps manage waste management in sustainable ways Rayong Province, Rayong Provincial Administration have joined hand with GPSC to create comprehensive waste management strategy with Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) technology.
Acquisition of GLOW Positions GPSC for Sustainable Growth
GPSC joins hand with 2 strategic partners, investing up to Bt. 3,000 million in expanding Nava Nakorn power plant (phase 2) to meet rising demand.
GPSC partnered with Standard Chartered to develop innovative cash management solution, aiming to set up world-class payment platform for efficient cash management.
GPSC announces a high net profit in Q1/2018, be ready to serve more customers of PTT Group.
GPSC takes a leap of power and utility businesses in 2018, in line with PTT Group's growth strategy to capitalize in growth of the EEC.
GPSC releases its 2017 performance with net profit rising 18%, ready to pay 2H remaining dividend at Bt. 0.80 per share to be Bt. 1.25 per share for 2017 performance.