Company Information
Company name Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited
Security name GPSC
Establishment date January 10, 2013
Registered as public company limited November 27, 2014
First Day Trade on the SET May 18, 2015
Company Registration Number 0107557000411
Registered capital THB 28,197,293,710 as of December 31, 2020, comprising 2,819,729,367 paid-up common shares, with a par value of THB 10 per share for paid-up capital of THB 28,197,293,670
Business GPSC operates as a power, steam, and utilities producer and distributor. In addition, the Company invests in other companies that generate and distribute power, steam, and utilities, including related businesses, both domestically and overseas
Type of business Energy and Utility
Industry group Resources
Number of employees 813(1) (as of December 31, 2020)

Remark (1) Total employees: 813 including 18 PTT Group secondment to the company