GPSC and CHPP team up for the development of G Float to compete in the floating solar market, solidifying the group's position as a leading developer of solar energy projects.

For the first time in Thailand, GPSC and its subsidiary, CHPP unveiled, in a new normal fashion, G Float, a commercial floating solar innovation, keeping pace with clean energy trends and moving toward becoming a new S-curve industry.

Mrs. Rosaya Teinwan, Executive Vice President - Business Development of Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited or GPSC, the innovative power flagship of PTT Group, acting as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Combined Heat and Power Producing Co., Ltd. revealed today (25 May 2021) that the two companies have teamed up with partners to develop G Float, a clean-energy floating solar innovation that has been launched in a new normal fashion for the first time in Thailand. G Float is a floating PV system developed for commercial operation to supply solar power to industrial factories and clients in the industrial estates as well as public and private organizations. The floating PV system, which is installed on large bodies of water, is a result of a collaboration with the world’s leading companies to develop a safe and eco-friendly solution that meets customers’ needs and leads to efficient energy management.

GPSC remains strongly committed to developing energy innovation for a better future under the concept “Smart Energy for Evolving Life” to meet the growth of S-curve business, GPSC and PTT Group’s key business strategy to keep up with global energy trends that encourage the use of environmentally-friendly energy. Therefore, the group has expanded its investment in the clean energy business through CHPP (wholly owned by GPSC), one of its essential business units, with an aim to develop energy innovations that will improve energy management efficiency using different platforms for increased capacity of electricity generation from renewable energy sources.

Mrs. Rosaya also added that the G Float floating solar solution has been specially designed to enhance the capacity of electricity generation by having solar panels installed on high-performing and long-lasting floating structures made of high-density polyethylene, developed by PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited or GC. The high-density polyethylene product has excellent processability, exhibit very high impact strength, good stiffness, superior environmental stress cracking resistance and flexible to add more UV Additive. Moreover, CHPP has designed a strong mounting base that can withstand weather elements such as waves and winds, creating stable buoyancy and ensuring maximum power output. The design also allows for quick assembly and easy maintenance of the solar energy power generation system. Additionally, G Float is compatible with solar panels of multiple sizes and weights and can also be fitted with other equipment and accessories in the future.

With G Float technology, floating solar power generation will become more efficient as the material used not only has a service life of up to 25 years but is also environmentally friendly and recyclable, which can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, it is safe for the marine ecology as it has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for food contact. The technology has been successfully implemented at various project sites including the “smart city” project for the Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC), which aims to develop innovations for targeted industries, the solar rooftop and floating solar projects with integrated smart energy systems for maximum efficiency such as BESS, peer-to-peer energy trading, and AI at Suranaree University of Technology (in progress), and the 100-KW Floating Solar on Sea project, a collaboration with PTT Group, at PTT Tank Terminal Company Limited (PTT Tank) in Map Ta Phut, Mueang Rayong District, Rayong Province.

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