GPSC joins forces with partners entering Myanmar market for 2,000 MW together with readiness of IRPC-Clean Power (IRPC CP) in preparation for steam distribution.

Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (“GPSC”), one of Thailand's leading producers and distributors of electricity, steam and utilities and PTT Group's Power Flagship, reveals its progress in various projects.

GPSC has joined hands with Marubeni Corporation, EGAT International Co Ltd, SRI Synergy Co Ltd, and Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings Co Ltd, to recently sign an MOU with representatives from the Myanmar government regarding clean coal power plant in Myeik Region, Myanmar. Recently, GPSC submitted its feasibility study results to the Myanmar government for the power plant with capacity of 2,000 MW to support Myanmar’s electricity stability on sharp increase in demand from both public and industrial sectors.

Additionally, the progress of IRPC Clean Power or IRPC-CP shared 51% by GPSC which is a Small Power Producer (SPP) of 240 MW generation capacity and 180 – 300 tons per hour with power supply contract to EGAT and team supply to IRPC is going forward steadily. In the first phase, 45 MW of electricity and up to 100 tons per hour of steam will be sold to IRPC within 2015 while the second phase will commence commercial operation in June 2017.

Mr Sirimet Leepagorn, Acting President of IRPC-CP, said that since July 22, 2015 IRPC-CP sold 100 tons per hour of steam from its auxiliary boiler resulting from plant test run in preparation for distributing steam to IRPC industries. He is confident that after this utility supply will be readily distributed as specified in the contract.



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