GPSC unveils on-target performance in 1H

Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (“GPSC”) recently announced its performance in the Q2/2015. Profit before exchange rate and extraordinary item is 576 million baht, a 10% growth from 524 million baht in first quarter of the same year. Whereas it’s 1H Profit before exchange rate and extraordinary item is 1,101 million baht, a 64% growth from 672 million baht in the same period last year. GPSC generated profit from its increased capacity and reduced loans, while revenue recognition from its joint ventures and partnerships is growing this year. This ensures higher revenue and profits.

Mrs Wanida Boonpiraks, Chief Financing Officer of GPSC, said, “In the first half of 2015, GPSC saw a growth in net profit, which reflects our on-target profitability. GPSC employees and executives are professionals who have worked hard for the organization. This guarantees our capability in supplying electricity for the PTT Group. Our long-term strategy is to invest in operating businesses and those under construction. When completed, our revenue and profit will grow significantly. We will continue to invest in major projects and other related projects to ensure expansion and growth. We believe that this strategy will be beneficial for our shareholders and boost the confidence of investors, assuring them of our performance in the future.

Back06 August 2015