GPSC receives certification by TGO as a role model of voluntary gas emission reduction in Thailand.

Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) presented a Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction certificate for 2014-2015 to Central Utility Plant 2 (CUP-2) of Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC). GPSC submitted the “Cogeneration Plant at GPSC (Central Utility Plant 2: CUP-2)” as a role model of Thailand voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction in the Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (T-VER). GPSC was able to reduce 40,013 tCO2e (tons of CO2 equivalent) in total. CUP-2 is the first project designed for the New Installation of Cogeneration System to be certified by T-VER for the reduction of greenhouse gas.

Mr. Kowit Cheungsatiansup, Vice President of Corporate Planning of GPSC, a Thailand’s leading power producer, flagship of PTT group with core business to generate and supply electricity, steam, and utilities, said that the CUP-2 of GPSC located at Maptaphut, Rayong participated in T-VER is a co-generation plant with advanced technology to ensure efficient fuel consumption and minimized greenhouse gas emission from the process compared to traditional electricity and steam generation process.

This participation is a part of GPSC’s dedication to efficient production and sustainable development of community and environment. The mission to reduce greenhouse gas emission is also in accordance with PTT Group’s policy in producing environment-friendly products, using energy-efficient process, and raising public awareness regarding environment. It is also in line with the country’s mission to reduce greenhouse gas emission in Thailand by 7-20% in the energy and transportation industry by 2020, as declared in the Climate Change Conference (COP20) in December 2014.

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