GPSC builds check dam at Baan Nernkraprokbon, creating volunteer spirit network to help rebuild the country's ecosystem.

GPSC works with local volunteers to build 20 check dams at Baan Nernkraprokbon and encourages reforestation under the "GPSC: One Earth One Family 2018" project to help create new learning center for the community.

Mr. Smornchai Khoonrak, Executive Vice President: Operations of Global Power Synergy Public Company or GPSC, the innovative power flagship of PTT Group, said today (November 16, 2018) that the company has launched the "GPSC: One Earth One Family 2018" project with the Baan Nernkraprokbon community, which is the second year in a row of such that project. This year, the volunteers from GPSC has built check dams to help reforest the areas in Baan Nernkraprokbon in Baan Chang district, Rayong province. This project is expected to turn the barren area in to a tropical forest that help recreate ecosystem to produce crops as well as help prevent flash flood in the rainy season, which is the principle that GPSC always pays attention on in order to collaborate with the community in restoring the environment.

This reforestation area is the target spot that GPSC aimed to expand the collaboration that has already been created into other surrounding areas. The newly built 20 check dams were constructed with natural materials found in the area, which will make it easier to match the ecosystem there and will be easily maintenance that can help create green areas in the community.

GPSC has been operating environment-supporting project for years and this year we pay more attention in recreating ecosystem and the development of community with several methods, including restoring agricultural landscape. GPSC will also develop the project further to be an environmental learning center.

Mr. Suchin Poonhirun, Mayor of Ban Chang district, said this collaboration has create sustainable benefit and help slash several problems of the community such as water scarcity in the dry season, flash flood in the rainy season and also help reforest the barren area into a fresh tropical forest, which will be the enrich land bank that create more revenue for the community and strengthen the country's economy eventually.

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