OR-PEA-GPSC to jointly produce electricity from solar energy in PTT Station and Cafe Amazon to promote clean energy for the benefit of Thai society.

Mr. Sompong Preeprem, Governor of Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), Ms. Jiraphon Kawswat, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Oil and Retail Public Company Limited (OR) and Mr. Chawalit Tippawanich, President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC), have signed an agreement to study solar power production and renewable energy management systems for digital platforms at PTT Stations and Cafe Amazon outlets. The partnership aims to produce solar power and manage energy use more efficiently. It will also seek to promote the use of clean energy to set an example for government and private agencies alike. The signing ceremony is held at the Energy Complex Center.

“As a flagship company of the PTT Group in the business of oil and retail, our business direction is in accordance with BCG (Bio-Economy Circular-Economy Green-Economy),” stressed Ms. Jiraphon “Preserving and care for the environment is an important part of our business operations in line with a Green Economy concept,” she added. “Because solar power is a clean source of low-carbon energy, its use helps reduce the effects of climate change. OR has selected some PTT Stations and Cafe Amazon outlets as prototypes for a pilot project by installing rooftop solar and energy storage systems. If the results meet our shared targets, we will surely expand this project even further.”

Mr. Sompong likewise emphasized the benefits of solar power. “PEA sees the importance of producing electricity from solar energy. And we also realize that production quality and efficiency are crucial,” he explained. “Therefore, we invented a digital energy platform to make it easier for the public to install rooftop solar systems in the safest way with maximum efficiency,” he added. “We are collaborating with OR to install a solar rooftop through the PEA Solar Hero Application at PTT Stations. We’re also partnering with GPSC to study and develop innovations to produce electricity from solar energy and digital platforms in several areas. This partnership will enable PEA to provide more efficient energy services. And it is how we use a digital platform to create better sustainable benefits for the public.”

GPSC is a leader in electricity business innovations, which enables it to tap into the latest solar technologies. “The cooperation to study solar power production and a digital renewable energy management system in a form of digital platform installed at PTT Stations and Cafe Amazon is an important project in the development of GPSC’s Smart Energy Solution business,” said Mr. Chawalit. “In addition to installing a solar rooftop system to meet the electricity demand of each PTT station, we also install Energy Storage System (ESS) and Smart Energy Management Technology to increase efficiency for both electricity users and the environment. Currently, GPSC's Energy Storage Technology (ESS) has passed proven process and we are in preparation for commercial production,” he added.

The new partnership between OR, PEA and GPSC will aid these leading companies in combining their various strengths. If the plans work out well at PTT Stations and Cafe Amazon outlets, both of which have numerous branches across the country, the pioneering project can pave the way for similar solar projects in future to the benefit of the country as a whole.

Back21 November 2019