GPSC partners with PTT in research and development of a battery pilot plant by 2021.

PTT joins hands with GPSC to research and develop a battery pilot plant using semi-solid technology with an aim to increase competitiveness in the battery and energy storage system. A production is planned to be commissioned with in two-years.

Mr. Chawalit Tippawanich, President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited or GPSC, the innovative power flagship of PTT Group, said that GPSC has signed an agreement with Mr. Worawat Pittayasiri, Senior Executive Vice-President for Innovation and Digital of PTT Public Company Limited, in a Co-Research and Development for the Feasibility of Research and Development of a Battery Pilot Plant Using Semi-solid Technology. The project aims to study and prove the possibility of the technology, both in technical and economic terms. The semi-solid technology is an innovative and unique technology from 24M with an innovative process 50% shorter than conventional process and  a unique design for safety. The target is to compete efficiently in the battery and energy storage system (ESS) business in long term while using the knowledge and expertise to develop the efficiency of human resources of both companies in terms of battery technology. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

“As an energy company, PTT has an innovation institute (PTT INI), a research and development center and sets up an Electricity Value Chain project to support PTT’s business strategy in moving towards new businesses. Meanwhile, GPSC, as the innovative power flagship of PTT Group, is seeking innovation in electricity and has invested in 24M Technologies, which has the license to use, produce and sell semi-solid batteries in Thailand and ASEAN.” Mr. Chawalit said.

Mr. Chansin Treenuchagron, President & Chief Executive Officer of PTT Public Company Limited revealed that this collaboration well aligns with PTT's energy strategies, focusing on electrification investment and development, especially battery-based power.

“PTT is highly pleased to support this collaboration as well as other related areas, including education and business development. We also believe that this integration will enhance a competitive efficiency of semi-solid technology and extends into commercial manufacturing in the long run,” said Mr. Chansin.

Within 15 days of the signing of the agreement, the two companies will set up a seven-member steering committee that is chaired by PTT’s chief technology officer. Other committee members will include high ranking executives from both companies, who will closely monitor the progress of the project.

During the initial stage, the committee will appoint members of a working group to study semi-solid batteries and establish plans regarding testing, production and indicators to prove the possibility of the technology in technical and economic terms. They will also propose a budget for the battery production to be used for the battery pilot plant.

Once the two sides decide on investing in the construction of the pilot plant, a production plan will be determined. The batteries will be tested and produced according to customer advices. This is to respond to customer demands and to jointly consider the technical and economic possibilities in expanding production towards a commercial scale in the future. 

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