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GPSC conducts its first ESS pilot installation at PTT Station, Wang Noi Research Center Branch.
OR-PEA-GPSC to jointly produce electricity from solar energy in PTT Station and Cafe Amazon to promote clean energy for the benefit of Thai society.
Demand on GPSC's debentures jump to 3.6 times over subscription with 6 tranches of THB35 Billion.
GPSC releases Q3/2019 of more than Baht 19,226 Million, be confident in power generating business, which continues to grow.
GSPC seeks youth innovator for energy towards communities. Applicants compete in Season 2 of "GPSC Young Social Innovator" competition.
GPSC aims to make a tender offer for the rest of GLOW's 4.75%, expects to close deal by year end.
GPSC's THB 74 billion newly right issues were overwhelmingly bought by shareholders, allowing the company to expand in innovative power business.
Fitch affirms 'A+(tha)' rating with "Stable Outlook" for GPSC, following GLOW acquisition that reflect the company's strength with Rights Offering during Sept 30-Oct 4, 2019 as planned.
GPSC partners with PTT in research and development of a battery pilot plant by 2021.
GPSC announces an interim dividend payment of Bt.0.50 per share to pay on September 12.
GPSC's revenue skyrockets to Bt.19,990 Million in Q2/2019, on track to develop new technology and innovation to supply power market.
Board of Directors of GPSC approves to propose the capital increase (Right Offering) of Bt.74 billion to strengthen financial status, aiming to further create business synergy.
GPSC named on ESG100 for the fourth consecutive year as one of the sustainable securities
GPSC's Board of Directors approves the plan to delist GLOW from SET after making tender offer to buy remaining 4.75% shares.
GPSC seals the deal to buy ERU from Thaioil worth USD757 million using petroleum pitch to produce up to 250 MW of power.
GPSC shows high record profit in Q1/2019, growing 94% with completed GLOW acquisition to run full capacity.
GPSC completes the acquisition of GLOW shares with synergizing in power production capacity to serve energy security.
GPSC Young Social Innovator 2018 rewards to energy - environment projects.
GPSC net profit continued to rise in 2018 with approved dividend payment of Bt.0.80 per share, ready to commission 3 new power plants both domestic and international markets this year
GPSC continues to invest in 250 MW power plant,aiming at growth alongside with PTT Group.