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GPSC shows its vigorous earnings in Q1 with a net profit surging by 160% to 871 million baht due to efficient cost management.
GPSC listed on 2016 ESG 100 Sustainable Businesses, shortlisted among 621 SET-listed companies.
CHPP, one of GPSC's subsidiaries, is selected to join the solar farm project for Agricultural Cooperatives
GPSC and its Japanese partner mark the first step of the solar farm project in Iwate, Japan with a FiT of 40 yen per unit for the whole 20-year long power purchasing agreement.
GPSC gains increased profit from subsidiary, 2016 first quarter performance sets to grow
GPSC, confident on continuous growth in 2016, supported by strong financial status
"GPSC" annual dividend payment of 0.95 baht, records over 1.9 billion baht profit in 2015 with continuous growth in 2016 backed by its strong financial status and electricity business opportunities.
"GPSC" ready to sign 15-year agreement to distribute electricity and utilities to "Vencorex"
GPSC confident on 2016 performance with continuous growth, more income of power business with no impact from oil price
GPSC to be calculated in SET100 on Jan 1, 2016, confident on the investment to grow as planned with no impact from oil price on the business
GPSC builds confidence on growth strategy with PTT group, signs Head of Agreement for Electricity Supply to PTTGC total capacity 18MW for 15 years and extend existing 46MW for 7 more years.
GPSC unveils on-target performance in Q3/2015 with strong confidence of electricity as a Mega Trend of energy industry nowadays
GPSC arranges appointment announcement ceremony to appoint Dr.Toemchai Bunnag to be a GPSC President, effective from November 1, 2015
GPSC appoints Dr.Toemchai Bunnag to be a Director and Secretary to the Board and GPSC President, effective from November 1, 2015, to drive GPSC forward and enhance its electricity and utility business with sustainable growth and good governance.
GPSC receives certification by TGO as a role model of voluntary gas emission reduction in Thailand.
PTT Group was invited to attend G-20Y Summit 2015 in France, with GPSC President as delegate to present strategies for World Energy Markets
GPSC appoints Mr.Surong Bulakul as Acting President effective from 1 October 2015.
GPSC moves onward a solar energy business in Japan, Expecting to begin commercial operation in 2017.
GPSC invests on nearly Bt.4 Billion Power Plant with the initial capacity of 45 MW and steam of 70 ton/hr for its 1st phase
GPSC Views Biomass as a Significant alternative to Renewable Energy to Thailand