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GPSC wins four Asian Excellence Awards 2020, illustrating its success as a leading company that moves sustainable power innovations forward
GPSC Group - Suranaree University to kick off a 6-MW smart solar energy project, served as a learning center and a sustainable R&D
GPSC is delighted with YSI's first-place wins at a competition in Korea.
Five finalists selected for the Third Season of GPSC's YSI Project
GPSC BOD approve the payment of interim dividend THB 0.50 per share
GPSC's net profit grows 20% in Q2/2020 with positive factors of low fuel prices and higher electricity-steam consumption
GPSC is pleased with investors' confidence resulting in the 6-time oversubscription or over 30-billion-baht, ready to grow its renewable energy business under PTT Group's power business expansion plan.
Two Major Energy Companies Joined Hands in Improving Community Public Health, Delivering the Royal Celebration Solar Power System Installation Project to Koh Sichang Hospital
GPSC announces winner of YSI Season 2, opportunities for innovative energy projects to compete at an international level.
Application for GPSC Young Social Innovator 2020 Season is now open for young people to create innovative projects in energy-environment.
GPSC showcases Wat Ta Kuan School as a model for "The New Normal School". The project includes a new curriculum and installation of tools to prevent COVID-19 to welcome the new school semester
GPSC breaks the Covid-19 crisis with net profit in Q1/2020, 68% growth, reached THB 1,580 million. Catch up with Q2 economy, continually invest in all projects as planned.
GPSC postpones the 2020 Shareholders' Annual General Meeting to avoid the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and confirms the Board of Directors' resolutions of interim dividend payment at THB 0.80 per share with well-prepared plans for all operation units in order to secure system stability
GPSC D-Day, new organizational structure effective from 1 April, join forces to drive business to be the innovative power leader.
GPSC closes the deal of the 39.5 MW solar power plant acquisition to expand its renewable energy portfolio according to its business strategy.
GPSC to invest 1.1 billion baht developing the first semi-solid battery pilot plant in Thailand, expecting operation within 2020.
GPSC joins hand with GC to launch the biggest Smart Energy Storage System in Thailand to increase energy efficiency and stability
GPSC releases Baht 66,562 Million revenue with 21% net profit growth with certain plans to expand capacity and develop innovative power projects.
GPSC conducts its first ESS pilot installation at PTT Station, Wang Noi Research Center Branch.
OR-PEA-GPSC to jointly produce electricity from solar energy in PTT Station and Cafe Amazon to promote clean energy for the benefit of Thai society.